5381 Projects

We identify opportunities and seek out proven solutions that can be successfully brought to market.

5381 Studios specializes in time sensitive projects and distinguishes itself as one of the few West Coast destinations for retail software publishing and online sales and marketing. We work with our partners to develop solutions for market driven demands and pride ourselves on the results we have been able to achieve for our clients.

Our extensive partner network is made up of some of the biggest and most experienced retailers in the industry. The strength of this network allows us to move quickly and helps to ensure that we have the resources needed to be adaptable and creative while meeting the needs of an ever-evolving marketplace.

Our Methodology


Identify the opportunity and the needs of the stakeholders.


Develop visual concepts that capture the essence and objectives of your project.


Sculpt and refine your ideas into functional prototypes that you can share.


Review, enhance, and deliver to market.


Observe the project's adoption and growth, evaluate and iterate for the next release.

Current Projects